Who We Are?

Who Are We? 

In 1991, MAZLUMDER was founded by a group of lawyers, journalists, authors, publishers and businessmen. 

Today, MAZLUMDER has 8 branches located in İstanbul that act independent from all political parties and groups. 

Our Starting Point 

MAZLUMDER derives its historical reference from “Hilfu’l-Fudul (The alliance of the Virtuous), in which Prophet Mohammed founded.   

Setting out from various texts which are considered as the shared gain of humanity (The Ten Commandments, The Laws of Hammurabi, The Alliance of Virtuous, Constitution of Medina, Magna Carta, USA Declaration of Human Rights, Virginia Declaration of Human Rights, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights), MAZLUMDER focuses its agenda on the protection of peace and the elimination of injustice. 

MAZLUMDER believes that human beings have certain rights based on their creation and that these rights cannot be abolished by anyone with any kind of justification. 

Our Goals 

To provide existing understanding of human rights with the dimensions of responsibility and ethics drawing on original and fundamental references. 

To identify, exhibit, and publicize the oppression with the goal of eliminating all kinds of oppressions in the world. 

To help and guide the oppressed. 

To warn those in power against human rights violations and to guide them, to fight against violations in various ways. 

To continue human rights struggle without any discrimination and double standard, and to oppose all kinds of unjust treatment to anyone regardless of whom this person is and who does the injustice. 

To contribute to the creation of a sincere and ethical understanding of human rights, which aims to eliminate the differentiation between the theoretical texts and practice. 

To develop certain level of knowledge and awareness about the human rights both in Turkey and in the world. 

To form a public opinion on the importance and indispensability of the human rights with the goal of preventing the violations of freedoms and rights.  

To work for a world where human rights are respected more. 

To work for the protection of the natural characteristics of all creatures. 

To activate its members for the human rights struggle on the basis of volunteering and to enhance the awareness of the individuals for the human rights violations around themselves.  

To be active in the international arena, to disseminate its principles and understanding of human rights and to create suitable channels to achieve these goals. 

To provide people of all ages and from all segments of society with the awareness of the struggle for rights.  

To organize the struggle for rights world-wide.  

Our Methods 

MAZLUMDER adopts an impartial position while identifying and displaying the oppression; it sides with the oppressed.  

MAZLUMDER informs the authorities about the violations by presenting the problem and follows up with events post violations. It correctly informs society about the violations as a use of right. 

It takes a position against the violations and forms public opinion about them through on-scene investigations, public releases, press meetings, demonstrations, and reports.  

It develops the culture of human rights through wider methods such as books, bulletins, briefings, panels and conferences.  

It encourages the youth to participate in civil society through organizing cultural activities such as film screening, meetings, caricature courses, various forums, and conversations. 

It initiates aid campaigns for those who are oppressed by various aggregate human rights violations such as migration and war.  

It organizes and maintains campaigns that include various activities against systematic human rights problems and provides the continuity of these activities. 

It informs human rights advocates, diplomats, politicians, researchers, members of the press about human rights violations as well as gets information from them. In these relations, it follows a method based on empathy and acts in line with its mission. 


“An Arab is not better than a non-Arab and a non-Arab is not better than an Arab, and a red (i.e. white tinged with red) person is not better than a black person and a black person is not better than a red person.“ 

-Prophet Muhammad- 


 “We swear to God that we all will be like a hand with the oppressed against the oppressor.”  

“We will act with the oppressed until they get their rights from the oppressors.” 

-The Alliance of the Virtuous- 


 “For a Muslim who agreed with the content of this page and believes in God and the day of afterlife, it is not halal to help a murderer and provide him with a shelter.” 

-The Constitution of Medina- 


“We will not sell the rights and justice to anyone; we will not prohibit or delay them.” 

-Magna Carta- 


Against the oppressor whoever he is with the oppressed whoever he is 


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