Revoke the Unfair and Unlawful Death Penalties Immediately!

Muhammad Morsi was elected by more than 51% of votes during the June 2012 election, following the public movements in Egypt, which had been under dictatorial regime for decades. He came into office as the first president to be elected by the free will of Egyptian people.

However, Morsi’s government was overthrown after the military coup on July 3, 2014, and Morsi was arrested along with many other ministers. A large number of leaders and members of various political organizations, mainly the Muslim Brotherhood, were falsely imprisoned. Afterwards, the Muslim Brotherhood Movement was declared a terrorist organization; their activities were terminated, and thousands of civilians were brutally murdered during the anti-coup protests. The right to demonstrate, protest or association was completely out of question.  It was also known that civilian casualties and homicides were very common in Egypt, during the two years the coup regime has been in the power.

The Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt has falsely tried a number of opponents and made many unlawful decisions that will remain a black mark in legal history. With the verdict passed on May 16, 2015, Muhammad Morsi and 121 Muslim Brotherhood leaders were sentenced to death for “providing intelligence for Hamas” and “jailbreak”. When asked their opinion, the office of the Grand Mufti of Egypt proposed an opinion approving the court decision showing that it has no function other than legitimating the oppression of the political administration.
As part of the final verdicts announced on Tuesday, June 16, the death penalty and life sentence given to the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood were finalized however the judgement can be appealed. The right to due process was violated in all stages of the trial. Moreover, the verdict clearly demonstrated how the coup regime and the court system blatantly violated the rules of justice, right, law and morality.

The fact that these violations occurred for the entire world to see makes the situation even more pertinent. The international community has been a mere spectator to the coup d’etat against an elected government and bears the responsibility for supporting the coup without taking any steps. History and experience of humanity have shown that the endeavors and prayers of the oppressed upend the supporters of oppression due to for the sake of greed and low political interests.


• We invite the coup regime in Egypt to end these games, revoke the death penalties, release Muhammad Morsi and everyone arrested alongside him, allow him to reestablish his party and eliminate the barriers in front of civil politics.

• We invite the UN, hypocritical Western countries who “sell democracy”, Saudis and their co-conspirators tyrant Arab Emirates that betray the international convents to which they accede and only watch the shameful cruelty of the court, to caution the coup regime about the potential worldwide chaos and violence that will occur once executions are carried out.

• We notify the Organization of Islamic Cooperation that they should use all kinds of opportunities to persuade the Egyptian administration, including political and economic embargo.

• We remind Turkey its historical responsibility to exercise power over Egypt to attempt to prevent the executions through international agencies.

• We invite all conscientious actors of political and civil society to be faithful to their principles and come together against oppression.


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