Letter From MAZLUMDER to the Leaders of EU Countries

Dear Gentleman,

We are writing this letter in order to remind you and your people the fact that your refugee policies are not different from the tripping of the journalist to a father carrying his child, which you reacted too.

We kindly ask you to read the letter feeling an empathy with the Syrian refugees considering the thousands of European refugees who are forced to leave their homes during the World War II.

In our lands, which you name “the Middle East” millions of people, most of whom women and children, became refugees, with your direct or indirect influences. It is clear that along with Iraq and Afghanistan, so called “Arab Spring” processes which evolved into civil war and military coups later on through external manipulations are the main reasons responsible for enormous refugee flows.

In the last few years, refugee flows are attempted to stop through constructing walls or use of military force. Refugees who were trying to reach the coast were left to death “as their rubber dinghies were blown out”. Thus, the Mediterranean Sea became a cemetery for refugees.

In our day more and more people are exposed to crimes against humanity in various ways. As MAZLUMDER, we condemn you and the policies of your government because of your responsibilities in these crimes and invite you to recognize your part in them.

MAZLUMDER Istanbul Branch

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