Humanity is Dying in Syria

Started in March 15, 2011, the resistance against decades-old dictatorship and oppression has encountered a full-scale state terrorism, and resulted in a serious massacre.

Syrian regime, a dictatorial regime founded on imprisonment, torture and homicide of Syrian people led by Bashar Assad responded the rightful demands of the people by intensifying the massacre of innocent people, with the help of neighboring powers like Russia and Iran.

The war has intensified throughout the country. Around 250,000 civilians lost their lives, 13,000 of whom are children who should be playing on the streets instead. At least 60,000 people have been exposed to inconceivable torture of Assad in Syrian dungeons.

The massacres done by the Syrian regime and its constituents forced people living in Syria to migrate either to the north, Turkey, or to the south, Jordan and Lebanon, thus creating a new humanitarian plight. This led to a depopulation of Syrian land, annihilation of many settlements, deterritorialization of more than 6,5 million people, half of whom live inside the country.

Independent human rights foundations report that Arab, Kurdish, Turkish, Turkmen, Sunni, Alawite and Shiite civilians of different sects and ethnic groups are targeted as victims by various groups involved in armed struggle. Victims are mainly women and children, as is the case with all of the wars in history. Unfortunately, the “international arena” neither did its part, nor took the necessary steps for Syria as a result of its political interests on a global scale.

The fact that they organize airstrikes in line with their strategic interests instead of contributing to establishment of peace in Syria, now home of massacres and humanitarian tragedy in the hands of the global agents, with a wide coalition led by the US, shows that they value their interests above human dignity. The fact that while some crimes against humanity are ignored with strategic marketing and calculations, others are treated differently with a different agenda cannot be accepted by those with conscience.

The process eventually transformed into a regional war with the contributions of global powers like the US, Russia, France, Germany, England and regional powers like Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Turkey. The number of Sunni-Shiite foreign fighters in Syria have surpassed 30,000. War crimes of both parties fanned the flames of a sectarian blood feud and lit the fuse of a sectarian tension.

Promising a humanitarian and moral stand, MAZLUMDER is always on the side of oppressed people revolting for their rightful demands and against tyrant dictators violating the rights of people. This stand requires having an attitude towards oppression regardless of the identity of the oppressor or the oppressed, murderer or the victim, the place, and without caring about who will benefit from bringing up these oppressions. Likewise, oppression in a particular place will never justify revenge plots or brutal murders against innocent civilians happening in a different place.

In this context, we invite the political, media and civil society actors both in and outside of Turkey to take a humanitarian and moral stand against bloodshed done for political and strategic interests. We would like to remind that interest of state, nation, ethnicity, sect or organizations will never be more important than humanitarian values. On the other hand, we also remind that no struggle can be an excuse for harming innocents, and we invite the resistance groups fighting against brutal Assad regime and its constituents to observe the law of war.

On Syrian territories, where massacres and torture continue without even a slight decrease, victimization of war keeps increasing and wounds get deeper every day in the glare of the world. It is necessary to take the steps to ensure justice and peace immediately needed by Syrian people. As MAZLUMDER we express that we are on the side of Syrian people, fallen into the clutches of a deadlock; and we invite national and international NGOs to band together against this atrocity.




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