Obstruction Of The Right To Education For Any Reason Whatsoever Is Unacceptable

In Afghanistan, the Higher Education Ministry announced on December 20, 2022, that the temporary ban on girls going to university has been imposed through social media. The ban was immediately implemented and girls' access to university was blocked. While the statement emphasizes that the decision is temporary, we are concerned that, due to the previously implemented ban on secondary education, this decision will become permanent.

In many parts of the world, we see that women's right to education is one of the easiest targets of ideological and ethnic discrimination. In some European states, including France and in Tajikistan, girls are prevented from wearing headscarves to school, while in some countries girls are not sent to school on cultural grounds or, as in the case of Afghanistan, their right to education is taken away from them.

In today's societies, the right to education is one of the most fundamental rights necessary to sustain life.


- We believe that the obstruction of education rights in any society is unacceptable

- We call on the Afghan government to abandon the temporary ban on education rights for girls



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