Call to Turkey and all humanity on refugees

Refugees, who broke from their homes for various reasons such as poverty, hunger, violence and war, and pursued a hope at the expense of death, have become a bitter reality of today's world. The civil war in Syria and the massacre committed by the Asad regime to its own people caused this problem, which is already dramatic, to grow even more.

Turkey’s approach to be “Ansar” and attitude exhibited to millions of immigrants with open arms, is perhaps the most significant example of this human tragedy constituted. However, even this example, which will go down in history, can be a victim of poorly planned processes and can be damaged by inconsistent policies. Bureaucracy in the migration administrations, unlawful practices in the removal centers, and deportation decisions can be counted as examples. The decision to open the borders takes the issue to another point. This decision may have several justifications, but its conclusion is clear from the outset; The seas will be filled with corpses again, and Aylan Bebeks (babys) will again seep and hit the shore.

In a world where humanity is buried in the dark of interest and nobody cares about the suffering of the other, the biggest responsibility falls to those who have not lost their sensitivity and to Turkey.


  • Being “Ansar” is a free sacrifice and that is what makes it great virtue. We invite Turkey to turn back to its highly appreciated Ansar attitude in the name of humanity and to direct the refugees who which to go to safe passages.
  • We call on Western societies to immediately stop the brutality at the borders, to open doors and to fulfill their responsibilities arising from international law.






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